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Research and Data

Business & Economics in Utah

Business and Economics in Utah

Business and Economics in Utah

EDCUtah’s Business and Economics in Utah profile provides comprehensive information about Utah’s economy including: Geographic information, Demographics, Wages, Education, Industry, Taxes, Utilities, Incentives, and Transportation.


Industry Profiles

Getting the right data is just the first hurdle. Presenting it clearly runs a close second. EDCUtah has produced concise, digestible profiles for every major industry in Utah. View and download any of the profiles below.


Aerospace is big in Utah. Learn about the players and sectors within the state.

Data Centers

Cool climate, broadband infrastructure, and favorable taxes make Utah a data center hub.

Financial Services

Utah had its own currency. Now it has some of the country’s largest financial firms.

Life Sciences

Utah didn’t stop with the Jarvik 7. Medicine is very healthy here. See the prognosis.

Advanced Materials

Carbon composites, aluminum alloys, and oxide ceramics, oh my!

Headquarters & Shared Services

Many companies call Utah home. Lifestyle, education, skiing, did we say skiing?

Information Technology

Come to Silicon Slopes, home to tech giants and growing start-ups like Adobe, Qualtrics, and Podium.

Outdoor Products

The great outdoors is home to some great outdoor companies. Great state for gear.

Financial Technology

Fintechs are a fast-growing part of Utah's financial services industry.

Manufacturing & Distribution

Utah is, surprisingly, a popular western shipping hub. Plus, the Pacific isn’t very far away.


Culture and entertainment support talent recruitment and retention.

Original Research

How does Utah compare to other states across costs and labor factors? What do national site selectors think about Utah? What do Salt Lake City businesses say is the best thing about operating in the City? Our research team has compiled briefs answering all these questions and more. We can also provide you with custom research briefs. Click on one of the covers below to download or request a copy.

Inland Port Profile

COVID-19 Business Impact Report

Know the Customer Report

Site Selector Focus Group Highlights

Coworking By City

If you are an out-of-state company looking for a “beachhead” in Utah, we can assist in arranging tours of co-working spaces that fit your needs.

Salt Lake City Business Survey

A study of existing businesses in Salt Lake City. The study analyzes responses to determine the most significant factors in a company's decision to expand in Salt Lake City.

Metro 360

Measuring 360 metrics across all 377 metro areas, the Metro 360 compares and ranks Utah MSAs against the rest of the nation.

2018 Site Selector Perception Study

How do they feel about Utah, what they know about Utah, and how they perceive Utah as a destination for their projects?


Measuring 50 metrics across all 50 states, the 50x50 compares and ranks Utah against the rest of the nation and the 12 state region.

Talent Stack

A step-by-step research process that empowers better labor analysis as companies look to solve their number one issue, labor.

Custom Data

EDCUtah’s research team provides custom research to answer your business questions. If you are working on an economic development project or are a public sector investor at EDCUtah, please reach out to us for research support. Example research products include: Operating Cost Comparisons, Economic Impact Analyses, Regional Economic Overviews, Major Employers Lists, Occupation Reports, Education Reports, and more. Call us toll-free at 1-800-574-UTAH or email us at for more information.

Matt Hilburn
VP of Research & Marketing
Michael Stachitus
Research and Marketing Manager