IM Flash Technologies Fosters Innovation in the Beehive State

"Today we have some of the most advanced technology in the world - our research and development causes physics and chemist text books to be rewritten because of what they do," said Stan Lockahrt, Manager of IM Flash Technologies.   

Thin Air Innovation Festival is Sheer Genius

If you’re smart, this time next year you will be in Park City, Utah, for the second annual Thin Air Innovation Festival.

Salt Lake City's Nelson Labs Acquired by Illinois-Based Medical Technology Company

SALT LAKE CITY — A local medical technology company is expanding its reach around the world.

Vista Outdoor Completes Acquisition of BRG Sports, Inc.'s Action Sports Division

Clearfield—On Monday, Vista Outdoor Inc. announced that on April 1, it completed the acquisition of BRG Sports Inc.’s Action Sports division, which was operated by Bell Sports Corp. The acquisition includes the market-leading brands Bell and Giro, and C-Preme and Blackburn.

Women in Business: Reaching the Top Starts With Believing You Can

SALT LAKE CITY — Utah has an increasing number of women who are taking leadership roles in the state’s steadily growing business community.

Task Force Seeks to Welcome, Support Immigrant Entrepreneurs in Salt lake County

SALT LAKE CITY — Immigrants are "imperative" for Utah's growing economy and entrepreneurial innovation.

Salt Lake City Named No. 1 Trendiest U.S. City Where You Still Can Afford to Buy a Home

Sandy—Salt Lake City was named the No. 1 “Trendiest U.S. City Where You Still Can Afford to Buy a Home,” according to a survey this month by

Utah Cities Among Best in Nation for Minority-Owned Businesses

Salt Lake City—According to a recently released ranking from 

An Animated Discussion: Utah Corporate Incentives Program Explained in New Video

One of the most publicly visible programs of the Governor’s Office of Economic Development is also one of its most misunderstood.

Google Fiber Retail Store to Open at Trolley Square

SALT LAKE CITY — The capital city’s newest technology hub will be located in one of its landmark shopping and entertainment locales.


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