Featured Wins

We count every company that moves to Utah as a “win” for both the state and the company.

Snap Inc.

“We always learn a lot from the incredibly diverse local communities where we operate, and we are very excited to build a new team in Utah.” -- Jerry Hunter VP of Engineering
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“Utah has become a thriving hub for both technology and financial services companies, with a deep talent pool across multiple areas that is complementary to what we see in San Francisco." -- Louis Beryl, CEO and co-founder
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“As a pioneer to the Point of the Mountain development area, it has been exciting to witness the tremendous growth here for both Adobe and the state.” -- Jonathan Francom, VP of Employee & Workplace Solutions
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"We are excited to continue growing our team with the first fulfillment center in Utah. This new facility will enable us to better serve customers and improve Prime membership benefits." -- Akash Chauhan, VP of North American Operations
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“Not only do businesses have the governmental support through business-friendly policies, but an expanding pool of local talent means access to essential resources for maintaining momentum." -- Eric Rea, CEO and Co-Founder
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