Fox File #3 "Catching the Vision"

The Fox Files is a weekly message from EDCUtah President & CEO Theresa Foxley.  I wanted to share a story with you about one of our investors who has completely caught the vision of economic development in our State.  (1 min. read)

EDCUtah Quarterly Investor Update: Lara Fritts shares more about the Northwest Quadrant

Lara Fritts, Salt Lake City Director of Economic Development, recently spoke at our Quarterly Investor Update. Fritts shared details about the "once in a generation" development planned for the northwest quadrant of Salt Lake. (2 min. read)

Site Selection Best Practices: What EDCUtah learned in Chicago and Tampa

Read the top five things EDCUtah learned from industry leading site selectors and economic developers in Chicago and Tampa. (3 min. read)

Fox File #2 "Opportunity"

I left the Governor’s 11th annual economic summit last Friday feeling energized, motivated, and contemplative. (2 min. read)

Expert Opinion: Richard Nelson, Utah Technology Council

EDCUtah recently sat down with Richard Nelson, CEO of the Utah Technology Council (UTC). Nelson shared with us the success of the tech industry in Utah and some of the challenges his organization is working to overcome. (3 min. Video)

Investor Insight: CenterCal shares the keys to success for development in the Internet-driven era

EDCUtah recently spoke with Fred Bruning, CEO of CenterCal Properties, a company that specializes in “place-making” for communities, for a Q&A session.

Silicon Slopes Vs. Silicon Valley: Four Tech Unicorns, Thousands Of Startups, No Frenzy

Back in 2004, when Aaron Skonnard founded Farmington, Utah-based Pluralsight, an online tech education company, venture capital firms weren’t paying much attention to the Beehive State. So Skonnard and his cofounders bootstrapped the company. Times have changed. (4 min. read)

Event Summary: So. California Aerospace Campaign

EDCUtah recently returned from a Global Strategy and Outreach (GSO) campaign in Southern California which focused on the Aerospace and Defense Industry. (2 min. read)

Startups: A Strength to Utah's Economy

It all began in 1979 in Provo when Novell was founded as a maker of computers and disk operating systems. With Novell laying the foundation, Utah’s environment would soon foster future startup opportunities. (3 min. read)

SLC Named #1 City Where Young People Want to Be

Buyers under 36 now make up the biggest chunk of Americans buying homes. analyzed the 60 largest cities in the U.S. and Salt Lake City ranks #1. (3 min. read)


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