Utah Mega Sites Program

The Utah Mega Sites Program is designed to identify and qualify a limited number of large industrial sites across the State of Utah. These sites are intended to attract large-scale industrial projects defined by:
  • Up to 1,000 jobs
  • Up to $1B in capital investment
  • Substantial direct and indirect economic impact on surrounding communities.
In order to minimize risks associated with acquisition and development, and make these sites attractive for potential buyers or developers, a site leader must compile and document a defined list of due diligence, cost, and timing criteria. At that point, a site may qualify as a Utah Mega Site. 
At minimum, each Utah Mega Site must contain:
  • 400 acres with 80% contiguous buildable area
  • A limited number of owners, all of whom are willing to commit to the program
  • A two-year lock on listing price
  • Defined state and local incentives
  • One Site Leader responsible for the Utah Mega Site application

Certified Sites

Utah is home to Eight Mega Sites.

Stage 2 Certified Sites

Eagle Mountain Mega Site
Elberta Mega Site

Stage 1 Certified Sites

Millard County Mega Site
Northwest Quadrant Mega Site
Pole Canyon Mega Site
Tooele County Mega Site
Washington City Mega Site

Site Certification









How to Certify a Mega Site

The certification process occurs in two stages:
  • Stage 1: High-level due diligence that can be compiled from the Site Leader’s desk (zoning maps, transportation maps, title search, etc.)
  • Stage 2: Technical data, some of which a reputable engineering firm may need to provide (Phase 1 ESA, ALTA Survey, geotechnical soils reports, etc.)
The Utah Mega Sites Program provides matching funds for Stage 1 (50% of costs), and, in partnership with the Governor’s Office of Economic Development, Stage 2 (33% of costs) certifications.
To apply for a grant, or for more information, contact Katherine Morell, Community Strategist.