Utah Mega Sites Program

The Utah Mega Sites Program is designed to identify and qualify a limited number of large industrial sites across the State of Utah. These sites are intended to attract large-scale industrial projects defined by:
  • Up to 1,000 jobs
  • Up to $1B in capital investment
  • Substantial direct and indirect economic impact on surrounding communities.
In order to minimize risks associated with acquisition and development, and make these sites attractive for potential buyers or developers, a site leader must compile and document a defined list of due diligence, cost, and timing criteria. At that point, a site may qualify as a Utah Mega Site. 
At minimum, each Utah Mega Site must contain:
  • 400 acres with 80% contiguous buildable area
  • A limited number of owners, all of whom are willing to commit to the program
  • A two-year lock on listing price
  • Defined state and local incentives
  • One Site Leader responsible for the Utah Mega Site application

Certified Sites

Utah is home to 10 Mega Sites.

Stage 2 Certified Sites

Eagle Mountain Mega Site
Elberta Mega Site
Northwest Quadrant Mega Site

Stage 1 Certified Sites

Millard County Mega Site
Pole Canyon Mega Site
Tooele County Mega Site
Washington City Mega Site
Carbon County Consumers Road Mega Site
Carbon County Highway 10 Mega Site
Weber County Mega Site

Site Certification









How to Certify a Mega Site

The certification process occurs in two stages:
  • Stage 1: High-level due diligence that can be compiled from the Site Leader’s desk (zoning maps, transportation maps, title search, etc.)
  • Stage 2: Technical data, some of which a reputable engineering firm may need to provide (Phase 1 ESA, ALTA Survey, geotechnical soils reports, etc.)
The Utah Mega Sites Program provides matching funds for Stage 1 (50% of costs), and, in partnership with the Governor’s Office of Economic Development, Stage 2 (33% of costs) certifications.
To apply for a grant, or for more information, contact Katherine Morell, Community Strategist.