Glopak USA

Project Name 
Date Announced 
4Q 2016
Salt Lake County, Utah
"On behalf of Glopak USA and myself, I want to express the great effort [EDCUtah has] put in on assisting us with our warehouse needs." -- Victor Miranda, Regional Account Manager



$2.5 million

Square Footage 

30,000 SF

Case Study Story 

On October 18, 2016 Glopak USA began its search for an expansion location for a distribution center in Salt Lake City. Glopak USA is a is a full-service glass and plastic packaging company that offers packaging solutions to the wine and beverage industry as well as the pharmaceutical, chemical, food and cosmetic industry. Victor Miranda, an account manager at Glopak USA, sought out Utah as a location for their distribution space. The company selected Utah because of its positioning with strategic one-day trucking routes to both the Pacific Northwest and Southern California.

EDCUtah helped coordinate the real estate search so that the company would have top access to their markets. Rusty Bollow, with Newark Grubb ACRES, found an excellent 3PL (3rd Party Logistics) location for Glopak USA in Salt Lake City. The company specifically sought out a third-party warehousing facility where they could prepare shipments going to the western region of the United States.

Glopak USA announced their expansion on December 1, 2016. Their expansion will create ten jobs and will bring 2.5 million in investment to the state.