Utah Legislature Approves New Initiatives to Help Reactivate Economy

Several new initiatives that will help reactivate Utah’s economy were approved in H.B. 5010 during the Utah Legislature’s 5th special session of 2020, held June 18 and 19. The following are highlights of legislative programs that utilize federal CARES Act funds and focus on Utah economic recovery. The Legislature amended and assigned initiatives to the Utah Governor’s Office of Economic Development (GOED) to implement and manage.

What Site Selection Consultants are Saying Lately - Part 1: Deal Flow, Incentives, and Reshoring

EDCUtah business development staff recently listened to three webinars that had panels comprised of some of the top site selection consultants in the country. To assist our public sector investors, here are some notes from those sessions.

Fox File #94: Utah Leads Together Version IV - The Approach to Infrastructure

The Fox Files are messages from Theresa A. Foxley, EDCUtah's president and CEO. How does the state's latest economic response plan focus on infrastructure investments?

COVID-19 Economic Roundup for the Week of June 15

ICYMI - To help our investors keep track, we’ve compiled some of the top COVID-19 business and Economic Response Task Force news of the past week.

Utah and Employment Law: Five Questions for Kathleen Weron

Manning Curtis Bradshaw & Bednar is a boutique litigation firm in Salt Lake City. Kathleen Weron, one of eighteen lawyers at the firm, is a defense lawyer who focuses on employment law. She and the others on her team often work with clients to be proactive and avoid potential lawsuits. We caught up with Kathleen to learn more about employment law in the state and new trends emerging in her profession.

Get Outside: Five Questions for Pitt Grewe

Pitt Grewe recently joined the Office of Outdoor Recreation (OOR) as executive director. He has worked in the outdoor industry for almost 15 years. We caught up with Pitt at a recent EDCUtah virtual town hall to learn more about the office and his priorities.

COVID-19 Economic Roundup for the Week of June 8

ICYMI - To help our investors keep track, we’ve compiled some of the top COVID-19 business and Economic Response Task Force news of the past week.

A Fan of Utah: Past Project Check-In

Twenty-five years ago, after an exhaustive search of western United States cities, Robinson Fans, headquartered in Zelienople, PA, selected a Salt Lake City location. The company established operations in a 100,000 square-foot industrial facility, hired some welders and steel fabricators and quietly went to work. Alan Rindlisbacher checks in with them.

Project Logo: GearLaunch Expands in Salt Lake City

The Economic Development Corporation of Utah (EDCUtah) and the Governor’s Office of Economic Development (GOED) are pleased to announce that GearLaunch has relocated its headquarters to Salt Lake City, bringing 15 new creative, technical, and management jobs to Utah.

Square to Open a Utah Industrial Bank: Five Questions for Frank Pignanelli

In what seems a lifetime ago, on March 18, the FDIC approved Square, Inc. to open an industrial bank in Utah. The significance of this may have been missed in light of other news. We recently caught up with Frank Pignanelli, executive director of the NAIB, to give us the national context and what the approval may mean for Utah’s financial services sector.


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