An Informal Crane Count

Correy Selden of Layton ICS posed us a question. How many active construction cranes are on the horizon in Salt Lake County right now? EDCUtah’s Alan Rindlisbacher gave him an incomplete, non-scientific answer based on what can be seen from our downtown office windows and on Alan’s normal commute. So in other words, we’re not burning extra gasoline, Correy…someone else is going to have to provide observations from south of 6200 S. 

Number Location Project Builder
2 University of Utah Huntsman Cancer Hospital Layton
1 175 S. State St. Sky Apartments Jacobsen
1 95 S. State St. 95 S. State Okland
1 250 S. State St. Multi-family Wadman
1 300 S. 400 E. Multi-family ??
3 Temple Square Salt Lake Temple Jacobsen
2 200 S. West Temple Convention Center Hotel Hensel Philips/Okland
2 100 S. 300 W. ?? ??
1 Rio Grand Multi-family ??
2 (crawlers) 500 W. 500 S. Post District Big-D
2 (crawlers) 650 S. Main St. 650 (Patrinely) Layton
1 600 S. Main St. Lots 6/4 Zwick
1 South Salt Lake The Rails Layton
1 5300 S. 1-15 5300 Commerce Center Layton
21 total      

If various EDCUtah investors want to chime in with what they see in their parts of the valley, please do! We'll keep a rolling tab here.


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Fri, 05/14/2021 - 08:29