COVID-19 and Other Economic News Roundup for the Week of August 31

ICYMI - To help our investors keep track, we’ve compiled some of the top COVID-19 and other relevant economic news of the past week.


The path to the Moon, Mars, and beyond goes through our state. Congratulations to NASA and Northrop Grumman for last week’s full-scale booster test in Promontory, Utah. More here.


Read an article from the SL Tribune about the surprising in-migration and diversity patterns in Salt Lake County. 


A past EDCUtah project, Specialized is hiring! Bike sales are so strong, they have moved to seven-day distribution operations with two crews in Salt Lake City. More here.


Theresa Foxley (EDCUtah) and Ryan Starks (GOED) are featured on the latest GOED podcast.


Read the Herald Journal article on "Project Amino" - an EDCUtah effort last year. The company is hiring for 200 jobs in Cache County. 


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