Site Selectors Guild COVID-19 Survey

Last week, the Site Selectors Guild conducted a survey of its members to gather insights to inform corporate decision makers and economic development organizations on how trends in site selection and corporate location strategy are shifting due to COVID-19.

8 Top Findings of this Research Include:

  1. The Shift in Global Manufacturing & Supply Chain Strategy Is a Bright Spot for North America
  2. The “Work from Home Experiment” Will Change the Footprint of Office Real Estate
  3. Consultants Report 52% of Site Selection Projects are Paused and 45% of Projects Are Moving Forward
  4. Optimism About Renewed Project Activity but Uncertainty About When It Will Occur
  5. Life Sciences, Logistics and Advanced Manufacturing Emerge as “Hot” Industries in a Post-COVID World
  6. Warehousing and Production Will Be the Most Active Functions
  7. Economic Development Organizations Should Focus on Both Business and Workforce Retention
  8. Advice to EDOs: Communicate Actively with Companies and Consultants

More on SSG here.

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Mon, 04/27/2020 - 08:55