Research Minute: Cost of Living Index - A 2019 Snapshot

EDCUtah’s research team is an authorized participant in the Council for Community and Economic Research’s (C2ER) quarterly Cost of Living (COLI) Study.

The team recently provided data for the latest 2019 report, and shared some representative statistics from Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSA) around the country.

San Francisco, CA MSA 196.6
Seattle,  WA MSA  156.7
Los Angeles, CA MSA 145.9
Reno, NV MSA 113.6
Denver, CO MSA 110.8
Salt Lake City, UT MSA 103.3
Atlanta, GA MSA 102.4
USA  100
Austin, TX MSA 99.3
Phoenix, AZ MSA  98.9
Boise, ID MSA 98.4

In recent years, the Salt Lake City MSA has inched above the national average. We are in the middle of the pack among regional competitors Boise, Phoenix, Denver, and Reno. We retain a significant cost advantage over the West Coast cities of Los Angeles, Seattle, and San Francisco, where many of our expansion projects in the tech sector originate.

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EDCUtah Mon, 02/10/2020 - 12:34