Weber-Davis Collaboration is Express Route to Economic Growth - Guest Opinion

Some big news hit Weber and Davis County this past week and having been close to the origins of this effort, I wanted to share my perspective on how things came together in detail.

Few may know this, but Ogden was once Utah's economic hub, thanks to the Lucin Cutoff. If you're asking what that is, it's the rail line that splits the Great Salt Lake in two.

Yes, in 1902 the Salt Lake Commercial Club – the predecessor to today's Salt Lake Chamber – was founded in part of a because the northbound train for growth was in Weber County. As the story goes, Salt Lake business and civic leaders rallied together to take control of their economic future when it appeared the railroad's investment would rival the capital city’s economic power and crown northern Utah king. The Club went to war with the railroads; salty, right?

So, it's fitting that while we celebrate the 150-year anniversary of the transcontinental railroad, northern Utah is picking up some steam economically. How may you ask? Well, just this past week, Weber and Davis County formally joined forces to begin a new organization that looks past their jurisdictional boundaries to elevate economic development for their entire region.

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Publication Mon, 07/01/2019 - 14:39