WeWork Prepares to Open Its Utah Location

Utah is a state of tremendous beauty. As WeWork prepares to open one of its newest markets here in the Beehive State, our thoughts surrounding the opportunity to support this already thriving ecosystem start there.

From Zion to Arches National Park, one need only spend a few moments in those narrow canyons or in the shadow of massive rock formations intricately hewn by time to understand that this is a truly unique place which has always played host to and inspired great things. Spread across the Wasatch, high on those (silicon) slopes, are the quaking aspen whose dulcet sounds of fluttering leaves in a summer wind are as soothing as their colors are inspiring in the fall. Yet it’s the relationship to what lies beneath their tall splendor that is the most apt metaphor for the Utah of today and the partnership WeWork aims to fulfill.

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Utah Business Tue, 04/23/2019 - 08:39