Fox File #85: Continuing Partnerships

I’m so excited to share that EDCUtah’s partnership with the Governor’s Office of Economic Development has been renewed and will continue for another five years! The GOED/EDCUtah formal partnership began during Governor Huntsman’s administration and has been expanded and enhanced in the years since. Our organizations' missions are complementary and we believe that a cooperative, collaborative relationship has been a great benefit to both organizations. But more importantly, we also believe our relationship has benefited our statewide community, our business community, and the local organizations we represent by encouraging new corporate investment and job creation in Utah.

So many wonderful people have contributed to this partnership over the years  that if I were to thank everyone at GOED who has had a role in building our relationship today’s Fox File might read a bit like an Oscar’s acceptance speech. However, it’s worth noting that Governor Herbert’s personal leadership and investment of time into our partnership is critical to the work that we do. Further, we are grateful for Val Hale’s strong stewardship of the Governor’s Office of Economic Development and the collaborative nature with which he approaches all things.  The GOED Board is also instrumental to the work we do as they volunteer their time and expertise to enhance the effort. Although we work most closely with GOED’s corporate recruitment team on a day-to-day basis, we are fortunate to interface with most of the departments and programs within GOED. It’s so critical to have a strong parter representing state government and we’re lucky to have that in Utah.

Our contracted relationship with the Governor’s Office will continue to draw on many of EDCUtah’s core competencies, including our research, marketing, and corporate recruitment project management expertise. However, there are some new objectives that I’m excited to tell you more about. We’ll unpack the first one today, and that’s an initiative that’s been branded as “Know the Customer.” This initiative is right in EDCUtah’s sweet spot as it leverages the analytical capabilities in which we’ve invested significantly. Let me tell you a little more about “KTC”.

The KTC goals we developed in partnership with GOED are simple. We want to: 1) understand the mission, structure and footprint of key companies within each of the identified industry focus sectors; 2) find companies that are primed for growth (or contraction) in Utah; 3) identify Utah champions who can help us win more deals; 4) understand key trends and upcoming changes in key Utah industries; and 5) analyze the conditions suggesting why a company would grow or contract in the state.

We’re using one of our local tech company’s solutions, Qualtrics, to help us track and analyze the data which we’ll gather through in-person conversations with Utah’s C-suite executives. We’ve committed to interviewing 100 companies before the end of the calendar year, and delivering 12 vetted KTC leads to GOED. I’m excited about this prospect as it will help our partners at the Governor’s Office execute on one of their top three goals, which is to support the growth and expansion of existing Utah Companies.

Keep an eye out for more updates on KTC success stories and let us know if you think there’s a company we should visit.


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