Fox File #84: What’s Missing?

I had another opportunity this week to lead a focused conversation around Utah’s economic development priorities and pressing issues. I continue to be so impressed by the thoughtfulness with which people are approaching these topics. Regardless of whether an individual is a private sector business leader, a municipal leader, or someone in state government, there seems to be a universal desire to contribute to drive prosperity in Utah for the long-haul.

Additionally, I loved engaging with some of my colleagues and friends on social media regarding the same topic. As requested, many of you have shared your ideas with me on what was missing from my list of 18 (

Key among the omissions was a feeling that focusing on options for working parents should be added to my list, in addition to “mitigating growth issues,” and supporting diversity. “Focusing on options for working parents” is a pet issue of mine and one that hits close to home as one of two working partners in our household. I shared that I have a personal belief that if more quality, affordable, and flexible options were available for working parents, I believe it could unlock significant economic potential in this state, especially given how tight the labor market is.

I appreciated hearing what was missing and I’m excited to receive continued feedback through our membership survey.

As for the Scenario prioritization (, one of my thoughtful colleagues summed it up best: when the whole of Team Utah is working together we can strive towards each of those outcomes!


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EDCUtah Tue, 01/15/2019 - 08:15