Fox File #83: Pressing Issues

Hello and happy new year! I hope you enjoyed time with your loved ones and that 2019 is off to a wonderful start.

In the last Fox Files installment, I shared that EDCUtah has embarked on a strategic planning process that will be shaped by the state’s economic development strategy. To contribute to the process, we tested a few ideas, priorities, and scenarios with our Board of Advisors in December 2018. The Board of Advisors’ feedback was fascinating and I genuinely enjoyed learning what our group would prioritize and why.

In the weeks since I’ve heard from many of you on what scenario of the 5 you believe should be a focus.

As promised, I wanted to share the “pressing issues” we also discussed with our Board of Advisors and similarly test your feedback on what you see as being the most important for statewide economic development success. These 18 issues, grouped in batches of 6, reflect the most common concerns and ideas I hear when I am visiting our communities and partners throughout the state.

And now I want to know what you think. What are the top 3 issues of these 18 deserving of the most attention and resource? Perhaps as importantly, what is missing from this list?

Pressing Issues 1-6

1. Utah's tax structure, including corporate relocation incentives

2. The competitive environment for small- and medium-sized companies

3. Global opportunities for Utah companies

4. Business recruitment

5. Capital attraction

6. Talent shortage (diversity, technical, trade, professional)

Which of these 6 issues is the most pressing?

Pressing Issues 7-12

7. Target industry growth

8. Utah’s national and international image

9. Rural communities’ economic development success

10. Efficient state government

11. Commercial and industrial real estate availability

12. Healthcare costs

Which of these 6 issues is the most pressing?

Pressing Issues 13-18

13. Transportation (commercial and / or public)

14. Water

15. Utah students’ educational outcomes

16. Rising cost of living (housing prices)

17. Air quality

18. Population density issues

Which of these 6 issues is the most pressing?

I look forward to hearing your feedback. When you tweet at me share which of the issues you chose and why!


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