Project Genie/Barkley: Collective Health to Open Offices in Utah

The Economic Development Corporation (EDCUtah) and the Governor’s Office of Economic Development (GOED) are excited to announce that Collective Health (Project Genie/Barkley), a healthcare technology company focused on transforming the healthcare experience for companies and their employees, is opening a dedicated operations hub in Utah. The new location will support the expansion of the company’s geographic footprint, creating an operational hub which is expected to bring hundreds of jobs.

“When we set out five years ago, we had a hypothesis that by applying the latest enterprise software technology and user experience design, we could empower American employers to take the reins of their $1.2 trillion in annual healthcare spend,” said Ali Diab, Co-founder and CEO of Collective Health. “Five years on, self-insured employers are using Collective Health at an accelerating and national scale to take control of their healthcare investments.”

EDCUtah and GOED first connected with Diab in January 2017 as part of the Global Strategy & Outreach (GS&O) efforts. Team Utah continued to foster a relationship with Collective Health through email correspondence and an additional meeting in February of 2018 which formally kicked off Project Genie. EDCUtah provided some initial research on the industry in Utah to start the process moving forward.

In late summer of 2018, Collective Health hired Site Selection Group to help manage their site selection search as they evaluated multiple west coast markets. The project was renamed Project Barkley as the site selectors dove into the analysis. EDCUtah and GOED made the why Utah pitch through three site visits, multiple research reports, and a visit by Governor Gary R. Herbert to Collective Health’s San Francisco headquarters.

“We are thrilled that Collective Health has chosen Utah for its most recent expansion, said Theresa Foxley, president and CEO of the Economic Development Corporation of Utah. “Utah continues to find success with companies that are a blend of two strong industries in Utah, and Collective Health is no exception.”

Founded in 2013, Collective Health has created the world’s first workforce health management system. Combining four solutions—health plan, concierge support, engagement hub, and analytics—in one complete system, Collective gives employers a platform to simultaneously manage their healthcare investment and take better care of their people. With more than 120,000 members nationwide and over 500 employees, Collective Health continues to grow as they disrupt the health insurance marketplace.

“Collective Health is modernizing the health insurance industry, and we could not be more excited that they have selected Utah to expand their operations,” said Val Hale, executive director of the Governor’s Office of Economic Development. “Their customer-focused approach is helping individuals achieve better healthcare and helping a broad spectrum of industries achieve a healthier workforce. We welcome them to the state.”

Taylor Brightwell, Business Development Manager, managed this project for EDCUtah with additional help from Erin Farr, Business Development Manager.

Collective Health is in the process of choosing where in Utah they will open their office. More information about Collective Health and their decision to expand to Utah can be found here. Collective Health is currently hiring for many open positions in Utah.

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