New Opportunities In Rural Utah

Throughout history, people have consistently migrated from rural areas to cities, where opportunities for education, employment, transportation and commerce are more significant. It’s no different today as evidenced along the Wasatch Front where the economy is booming, but a drought of jobs continues to plague rural Utah, driving out-migration.

There has been little to reverse this trend until now. The same technology which pushes people to cities can be utilized to do the reverse — allowing people to stay and live, or move, to a rural life. Because of robust broadband networks across the state, many rural counties often have better coverage and speeds than those along the Wasatch Front. These opportunities are now expanded with a grant incentive from the Governor’s Office of Economic Development (GOED) where businesses on the Wasatch Front can benefit by hiring people in rural counties.

The Rural Economic Development Initiative, or REDI, will allocate grant money up to $25,000 for businesses willing to create new, high-paying positions in rural fourth- to sixth-class Utah counties (populations of less than 31,000), targeted as the most disadvantaged of the counties. These businesses can be located anywhere — only the employees must work in these counties. That means a company can be located in Piute County or on the Wasatch Front, employing a remote, online worker who enjoys the fresh rural air.

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Silicon Slopes Mon, 11/05/2018 - 21:21