Transforming Tech Training in the Silicon Slopes: A Visit to Salt Lake City’s Pluralsight

Walk down any street in Salt Lake City and the chances are that, in sharp contrast to the pancake-flat city centre, you’ll see picturesque mountains on the horizon. This is the great outdoors where America comes to play, with skiing, hiking, fishing, mountain biking and more on offer. Pluralsight, headquartered just 20 minutes’ drive away in Farmington, is one of many Utah tech companies that come together under the Silicon Slopes banner, which sets out to prove the state is as serious about business as leisure.

Silicon Slopes is both an informal name for the local cluster of information technology, software development, and hardware manufacturing and research firms, as well as a non-profit organisation empowering Utah’s tech community to share knowledge and resources to make entrepreneurship and opportunity open and accessible to all.

In this spirit of sharing, Pluralsight announced products and partnerships at its second annual conference that aim to close the global skills gap and offer a unique way for learners to assess their current skill levels in software technology essential to their roles.

The company has evolved from providing classroom teaching to offering a bespoke, Netflix-like, video-on-demand career-development service driven by AI.

Co-founder and CEO Aaron Skonnard says: “We sit at the centre of two mega-trends: every company today is striving to be more of a tech company – Jamie Dimon is famous as having said JP Morgan is a bank disguised as a tech company. The second is there’s this massive technology skills gap globally, which works against the first trend. We see ourselves as at the nexus of those two trends, and our goal as a company is to provide a digital learning platform along with personalised learning experiences.”

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