Got Skis? Love Software? Head to Utah's Silicon Slopes

When arriving in Salt Lake City, the first thing that grabs you is the awe-inspiring spectacle of the Wasatch Range, which stretches 160 miles across Utah.

Well, that and the fact you can get a TRAX light rail train from the airport—literally right outside the terminal—into town for just $2.50. Not many cities can say that. TRAX ferries 80,000 commuters each weekday to its 50 stations, many of whom I saw brought their bicycles, skateboards, and the odd guitar onboard.

This kind of low-cost, high-efficiency public infrastructure is a big draw to a young, well-educated, and geeky tech workforce. Utah has a population of 3 million and a median age of just 30.7, making it the youngest state in the US, with an unemployment rate of 3.1 percent.

I've visited before; in January, I was in Park City for the VR exposition at Sundance, and last year, I tele-operated a Guardian GT while wearing an exoskeleton at Sarcos. Back recently to cover Pluralsight Live, I took some time after the event wrapped to explore and talk with local tech execs to get their take on the city.

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