2013-14 -Utah Takes Next Steps in Economic Development with Major Project Wins (27 of 30)

EDCUtah’s 2013-14 fiscal year saw significant wins that catalyzed growth that continues to today including the headquarters relocation of OOCL and the expansion of California based tech company Thumbtack.

OOCL announced plans in August 2013 to relocate its North American Headquarters to Utah, generating 200 new jobs in the State. “As we looked deeply into Utah’s infrastructure and business community we saw opportunities for us to grow and strengthen our services,” said Paul Devine, president of OOCL (USA).  “EDCUtah and GOED were essential in helping us realize these opportunities.”. Landlocked Utah might not seem like the obvious destination for a global shipping company, which is why OOCL’s decision is evidence of Utah’s ability to complete for headquarters operations based on its quality workforce and excellent business environment.

Thumbtack, founded and headquartered in San Francisco, announced in early 2014 plans to expand to Utah with a 200-person customer support center in Sandy. In a blog post announcing the opening of the Sandy office, Thumbtack co-founder and Director of Business Development Sander Daniels commented “The ability to tap into a high-quality talent pool means that we can have very high standards, but still hire fast. We also love the people here – they are kind, patient, helpful and reliable – exactly the sort of qualities that we want our customers to enjoy when they contact us.” Daniels also noted that in Thumbtack’s 2013 Small Business Friendliness Survey Utah came out on top, writing, “the most small-business friendly state + super-helpful people + lots of experienced local talent = the best place in the country to build a Customer Support team.”

Thumbtack was among the first, in what is now a long list of companies headquartered in California, that have opened offices in Utah. Utah’s low cost of living, highly talented and qualified workforce, and its close proximity to the California market provides companies looking to expand a seamless transition. Companies following in Thumbtack’s footsteps in the past two years include Snapchat, Earnest, EP Systems, and SoFi. 



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