2012-13 - EDCUtah Continues to Be the Go-to Source for Pertinent Business Data (26 of 30)

EDCUtah saw yet another record breaking year with the research team handling a total of 744 requests for data including 61 custom operating cost models for companies considering moving to Utah, up 14 percent from the previous year. In addition to a talented research team, EDCUtah collaborated with Utah community and business leaders to provide companies the best possible information about the State. The company’s relationships with Utah’s cities, counties, and the business community continues to be valuable in their efforts to support economic growth in the State.

EDCUtah’s research team continues to be a vital part of the organization’s success in supporting economic growth in Utah. EDCUtah’s research team offers members and businesses looking to relocate or expand to Utah information on a vast array of relevant topics including real estate data, tax rates, cost of living data, wage data, and job growth. In addition to providing pertinent data, the team offers custom research for economic development projects, keeps all EDCUtah industry profiles up to date, and publishes primary research studies.

The research team in recent years has worked on several exciting and pertinent projects. For example, vice president of Research and Marketing, Matt Hilburn developed what EDCUtah calls the Labor Stack as part of the company’s Amazon HQ2 proposal. This Labor Stack will continue to be used for future projects. The research team is also developing a new profile to add to its growing library; a snapshot of the Arts industry in Utah. Finally, the research team conducts an annual study of site selectors’ perceptions of Utah to better understand what EDCUtah can do to better market the State to site selectors.

EDCUtah ended the 2012-13 fiscal year with a total of 354 active projects and 31 project wins, resulting in the creation of 11,336 jobs, $1.4 billion in capital investment, and nine headquarter relocations. Notable among the project wins was Qualtrics’s expansion announcement. Founded and headquartered in Provo, the company announced in November 2012 plans to add about 1,000 new jobs to their Utah location. “We are rapidly expanding globally, but our headquarters will remain in Utah,” said Stuart Orgill, co-founder of Qualtrics. “Utah has been a great partner for us.”

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