2004-05 - Research Leads the Way, Responding to 347 Research Inquires (19 of 30)

The Research Department at EDCUtah demonstrated the importance of data in economic development by handling a total of 347 requests for information from businesses over the 2004-05 fiscal year. In order for a company to have a complete and accurate picture of Utah, the research team provides information on the state’s demographics, economy, and cost of doing business.

Of the 347 requests the Research team completed, there were 57 retail analysis, 29 operating cost comparisons, six community economic impact studies, and more than 85 searches in the Supplier Linkage/ Vendor Program.  

The Research team not only handled a record number of information requests during this year, they also revised many of EDCUtah’s industry and community profiles. The team updated all 29 county profiles as well as a regional profile of the Wasatch Front to include up-to-date economic data and community information. The team also completed the Utah Business and Economic Profile, which brought together important economic indicators, labor market information, corporate incentive programs, and transportation, education, operating costs, and cost-of-living data.

Today, the Research team continues to innovate and expand their research offerings, responding to 752 research requests in 2017. Examples of recent research publications include the Talent Stack and the Fifty by Fifty. To learn more about the Research team’s offerings click here.



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