2004-05 - EDCUtah Established a New Relationship with Gorvernor Huntsman's Governor’s Office of Economic Development (18 of 30)

The 2004-05 fiscal year marks the beginning of the partnership between EDCUtah and the Governor’s Office of Economic Development (GOED) that continues to flourish today. GOED contracted with EDCUtah to lead the state’s business recruitment efforts. A partnership between the two main players in Utah economic development allowed all business recruitment to be consistent and presents a unified “Team Utah” to companies. Together, EDCUtah and the Governor’s Office of Economic Development have collaborated on countless expansion and relocation projects over the years.

While EDCUtah would often work cooperatively with Utah’s government and its efforts, at times it was on parallel paths. The new contract meant EDCUtah would provide recruiting services to communities throughout the state. EDCUtah would also begin to assist the state with their incentive programs and other economic development related projects. This new partnership continues to benefit Utah to this day.



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