1998-99 - Research Park Profiles Created (13 of 30)

To celebrate EDCUtah's 30th anniversary, the 30 Years, 30 Highlights series details major milestones in Utah economic development.

EDCUtah added a new profile to their list with the publication of the Research Parks Profile, highlighting the research parks at the University of Utah and Utah State University. The profile provided readers with critical information for a site selection decision including the parks’ history and functions. Additionally, the profile highlighted current activities, tenants, projected growth, and requirements for occupancy.

Since EDCUtah first produced profiles on the University Research Parks, they have continued to grow. Today, the research park at the University of Utah is home to more than 40 companies including BioFire, Myriad Genetics, and Sacros, while the one at Utah State University houses 31 companies including Dyacon, Space Dynamics Laboratory, and Thermo Fisher Scientific.

EDCUtah’s research team continues to develop new profiles to reflect the changes in corporate recruitment and economic development. Currently, EDCUtah offers ten industry-specific profiles, as well as the Business & Economics in Utah profile that provide an overview of doing business in the state. These profiles contain information regarding major employers, costs, workforce and education information, areas of excellence, and recent announcements in the industry. The profiles are updated annually to ensure all information is accurate and reflects the industry in Utah. To view the current industry profiles visit edcutah.org/targeted-industries



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