1997-98 - EDCUtah Celebrates 10th Anniversary (12 of 30)

To celebrate EDCUtah's 30th anniversary, the 30 Years, 30 Highlights series details major milestones in Utah economic development.

EDCUtah celebrated its ten-year anniversary in 1997. The first ten years were marked by countless accolades for the state and cities, a booming economy, and strengthened partnerships between the public and private sector.

By 1997, EDCUtah had made headway with all three of its founding goals: establish a unified and cooperative program to promote economic development statewide, develop a professional staff to represent the economic interests of Utah to the nation, and to offer services to companies looking to relocate to or expand in Utah. In addition to meeting and exceeding its founding goals, EDCUtah accomplished its Target '94 goal of adding 44,000 jobs to Utah's economy.

The first decade saw Utah in the news for being ranked number one on many lists by Financial World Magazine including "Best Places for Smart Companies," "Most Livable State," and "Best State." Salt Lake City was also in the news for being the number one leader for labor and business climate among metropolitan areas across the country. In addition to all of these accolades, Utah made news for its emergence as a tech mecca and the tremendous economic growth

The momentum from EDCUtah's first ten years continued through the next twenty. Today EDCUtah continues to represent the economic interests of Utah on the national and international stages. Utah continues to be recognized in the national news for our quality workforce, business-friendly environment, high-quality life, and much more.



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