1996-1997 - EDCUtah Assisted 11 Companies in Relocating or Expanding Their Operations to Utah (11 of 30)

To celebrate EDCUtah's 30th anniversary, the 30 Years, 30 Highlights series details major milestones in Utah's economic development.

With the help of EDCUtah, eleven companies decided to expand their current Utah operations or move their operations to Utah. The companies absorbed 1,011,535 square feet and added 935 new jobs to the Utah economy with an average salary of $25,000. Notable companies that relocated to Utah during this time include, Equifax, Americom Technology, Sysco, Citysearch Inc., Software Support Inc., and Wholesome & Hearty Foods.

As an example of the impact of these projects, Americom Technology, a communication construction company, remains in Utah 21 years after their initial expansion. The long-term residence of the company in Utah highlights Utah’s ability not only to recruit business but its ability to integrate those businesses into the community. Currently, the organization employs over 100 people, recently completing an upgrade to the fiber optic cabling in the Salt Palace in downtown Salt Lake City, and providing the structured cabling for voice and data communication at Intermountain Health Care in Layton Utah.

EDCUtah also attended four trade shows throughout the 1996-97 fiscal year to place Utah in front of companies, site selectors, and others looking to relocate. The four trade shows were selected for their correlation to targeted industries for Utah. These industries represented those in which Utah had a strategic advantage. Two of the trade shows, Medtrade and MD&M West were both medical technology trade shows, allowing EDCUtah to talk with manufacturers and suppliers about the advantages of moving to Utah. The other trade shows were technology focused, with Comdex focusing on companies involved in computer manufacturing and development, while SuperCom was a telecommunications trade show. Again these trade shows gave EDCUtah the opportunity to bring Utah to the attention of manufacturing and supply companies and the opportunities the state had to offer.

EDCUtah continues to attend trade shows as a part of their mission to attract and grow competitive, high-value companies in Utah



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