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How Utah's 'Silicon Slopes' Became Cloud Computing's New Capital

Forbes looks at the success of Utah's Silicon Slopes, the challenges still ahead, and what local tech leaders are doing to fix them. (5 min. read)

Utah, the Next Silicon Valley?

From an economy that supports multiple industries to state and local governments with a business mindset, Utah has all of the factors to become the next Silicon Valley. (3 min. read)

Provo City Named #2 Best Run City by WalletHub

WalletHub ranks major U.S. Cities by determining a city’s operating efficiency, a comparison of the quality of services residents receive against the city’s total budget. (2 min. read)

Fox File #14 "There's an App for That"

The Fox Files is a weekly message from EDCUtah President & CEO Theresa Foxley. Trying to connect professionals working in the STEM fields with teachers and classrooms learning about STEM? There's an app for that! (2 min. read)

Here's Where You're Most Likely to Randomly Run Into a Unicorn in the US

Where’s the best place to start a startup? TechCrunch looks at where the unicorns are (spoiler, Utah has the 5th most), and what makes a great ecosystem for startups.  (4 min. read)

Utah Flight Programs Increase Fleets, Partner with Airlines to Meet 'Insatiable' Demand for Pilots

Utah universities and flight programs respond to the growing demand for pilot training, with the industry needing 617,000 commercial airline pilots by 2035. (4 min. read)

Utah Among Top 5 States Where College is Underpriced Relative to the Nation

Based on the national average of college tuition, with prices adjusted for cost-of-living, Utah is $2,447 less than the national average. Read more about what goes into these cost differences. (3 min. read)

Fox File #13 "Research, Research, Research Part II"

The Fox Files is a weekly message from EDCUtah President & CEO Theresa Foxley. Why EDCUtah plans to create an Arts and Entertainment Industry Profile and a recap from our Quarterly Investor Update. (2 min. read)

Call for Nominations- EDCUtah Annual Leadership in Economic Development Awards

Read here to learn more about the awards and past winners. Please submit nominations for this year's award winners by August 1st. (2 min. read)

Tech Hiring Could Be a Challenge for Second Half of 2017

Twenty-one percent of U.S. CIOs plan to add full-time technology professionals to their teams in the second half of 2017, but finding the right talent could be a struggle, according to the Robert Half Technology IT Hiring Forecast and Local Trends Report. (2 min. read)


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