1984 - Committee of One Hundred Formed (1 of 30)

To celebrate EDCUtah's 30th anniversary, the 30 Years, 30 Highlights series details major milestones in Utah's economic development.

The Committee of One Hundred was formed in Oct. 1984 as key community and business leaders recognized the need for a more aggressive effort to market the Salt Lake metropolitan area as an attractive place to do business.

Since its inception, the Committee of One Hundred, organized by the Salt Lake Area Chamber of Commerce, brought top business and community leaders in a dynamic unified development effort. Key tasks included: strengthen and diversity Salt Lake’s economic base, create jobs, elicit cooperation between private and public economic development groups and preserve Salt Lake’s quality of life.

Salt Lake Chamber President Fred S. Ball and Chamber Economic Development Committee Chairman Dean L. Gustavson of Gustavson Associates Architects, led the Committee of One Hundred's organization. After its inaugural year, over 1,600 jobs were added to the Salt Lake area due to the Committee of One Hundred’s synergistic effort.

The Committee of One Hundred formed the basis for what would eventually become EDCUtah.



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