Silicon Slopes, Leading the Nation in Information Technology Growth

The 80 mile stretch from Ogden to Provo— known as ‘Silicon Slopes’—is home to some of the world’s most innovative information technology companies. Adobe, eBay and IM Flash Technologies all operate within Utah and pull from its abundant workforce. Recently, Forbes Magazine ranked Salt Lake City as the next largest tech mecca in the United States. What is it about Silicon Slopes that is so attractive to technology companies?

One of the largest attributors to the state’s success in the information technology industry is the stable workforce. Utah has an abundance of software development companies with more than 8,500 people employed in the industry. Large universities, ranging from The University of Utah to Brigham Young University, produce top-notch tech talent.

“Silicon Slopes’ deep talent pool for software engineers and other technical jobs is thriving. That’s why we plan to keep investing in this community,” said Aaron Skonnard, CEO and co-founder, of Pluralsight. 

Because of its abundant workforce, Utah leads the nation in information technology growth. According to U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the state had the largest growth rate at 7.69 percent in 2016. With a total tech workforce of about 65,000 people, the state is ready and eager to supply the industry’s growth.

While the stable workforce is one of the primary drivers for Utah’s technology industry, cost and market proximity play another role in the success of Silicon Slopes.

“The combination of our talented workforce, business-friendly environment, low operating costs, and proximity to other large markets makes Utah one of the best options in the country for software and IT companies,” said EDCUtah President and CEO Theresa Foxley. “What was once an unrecognized competitive advantage has now become a magnet of tech growth.”

Whether companies are looking to expand in Utah or relocate their business, Utah has proven that its information technology industry is robust and versatile. The 7,000 established tech-focused companies in Utah already know how sweet the ‘Beehive State’ truly is.

If you want to learn more about information technology in Utah, read our Information Technology Industry Profile or contact our Vice President of Business Development, Keith Morey.


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