Fox File #27 "Planning"

The Fox Files is a weekly message from EDCUtah President & CEO Theresa Foxley. 
I’m excited to participate in the World Trade Center Utah's second Inland Port exploratory trip this week. In August, a contingency representing Utah visited the Port of Long Beach to learn more about its governance, its operations, and its constraints. It’s hard to visit a major logistical center like the POLB and not be impressed at the scale.  The combined Ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles have the bulk of the market share of the goods moving along the Pacific Coast, but are constrained in their ability to grow for several reasons. We learned that because of these constraints, there are great partnership opportunities available for communities like ours. Those partnership opportunities exist both related to the imports coming into our country, but also for export and backhaul since there is capacity in the outbound containers. 
Seeing a deepwater port was fascinating, but I’m excited to see an inland port this week. There’s a great write-up on what an inland port is and the process GOED and WTC are leading here: What’s got me so excited about visiting an inland port is to see firsthand the advanced industries that have built up around this infrastructure asset. South Carolina is a recognized leader in automotive manufacturing, and in 2015 its plants shipped $9.8 billion of completed automobiles abroad! It also exported more than 28% of the country’s tire market. I believe those industries have thrived, thanks in part, to having a top notch logistical asset. I’m looking forward to testing that assumption this week and to learning how the inland port interacts with the Charleston deep water port. 
Expect a write up from me in the coming weeks on what I learned.
The best part of this process is what we have come to expect it to be in Utah: we are planning ahead and we are collaborating with our public/private/state/local/and non-profit groups. That’s a rare thing and it’s something we should cherish.
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