Autonomous Solutions, Inc. Growing In Utah

MENDON, Utah (ABC 4 Utah) - Technology that used to exist only in Sci-Fi films is now real life at a Northern Utah robotics company. 

These days, Autonomous Solutions, Inc. (ASI) can make just about anything happen, but paying for the projects is not easy.  

Tuesday, as part of a special Made 4 Utah series showcasing successful local companies, reporter, Ali Monsen found out how the Utah Governor's Office of Economic Development is helping make the world a safer place. 

Mel Torrie's work is about coming up with simple solutions for jobs people no longer want to do, like "walking around fences at night in the dark and facing up to people who want to hurt them," the CEO of ASI said, referring to security guards. 

Torrie says gone are the days of security guards putting themselves in danger.  Now, his company's 'surveillance robot' will do the dirty work, instead.  

"You move {security guards} into the building, and you can have multiple robots out in the environment, making sure those facilities are safe," he explained. 

The robots are just one example of countless innovative solutions ASI is producing.  Right now, the company is challenging status quos around the world -- and across several industries, including construction, mining, industrial cleaning, and automotive. 

While the group of engineering professionals has spent years perfecting concepts, Torrie says technology is finally affordable enough to turn into actual products. 

Plus, ASI is also now taking advantage of "G.O.E.D."

"The government has helped bring us to where we are.  We wouldn't be a company without their support," Torrie said. 

Short for the Governor's Office of Economic Development, the group is dedicated to developing Utah's business, tourism, film, and all things contributing to one of the strongest economies in the country. 

In an effort to keep the momentum rolling forward, the agency has an action plan that includes giving growing companies like ASI financial incentives to keep them in Utah. 

"It's a mutual relationship.  I think ASI is Good 4 Utah and Utah is Good 4 ASI," said General Manager Devin Stewart.  

The impact stretches far beyond state borders. 

From attracting major automotive manufacturers with their self-driving vehicle kits to solving the major staffing shortage farmers are facing right now, together, this Made 4 Utah company and the state are putting us on the map.

"We bring the best ideas of everyone together to make something happen," Torrie said. 

If your Utah business could benefit from G.O.E.D funding, click here for information on how you can apply. 

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