Fox File #13 "Research, Research, Research Part II"

The Fox Files is a weekly message from EDCUtah President & CEO Theresa Foxley.
Thank you to the Repertory Dance Theater for co-hosting a great Quarterly Investor Update with us last Wednesday. The kinetic performance was a great way to break up the work week. Thank you also to our stakeholders and members for being there — it was fun to see such an eclectic cross section of our membership in attendance. Our team truly enjoys mixing and mingling with you. 
At the Quarterly Investor Update, we announced a new research initiative we will undertake over the course of the next several months: an Arts and Entertainment Industry Profile! As we learned from the Salt Lake City business expansion and retention survey, access to Arts and Entertainment is a major contributing factor for why a business may choose to expand in the City. We are teasing out why Quality of Life seems to be more and more of a site selection criteria, but can only assume that in a tight labor market businesses want to locate in close proximity to great talent. And great talent will migrate towards quality of life amenities. 
We are looking forward to digging into the research on this piece. It won’t be fluffy. It will be quantitatively driven and will be on par with our other industry profiles. Not only will this piece help quantify the economic impact of the arts in our community, we also intend for it to be a talent recruitment tool for our members. Stay tuned for more as I will share key insights as the profile comes together. 
Speaking of the arts…. Did you know that this year marks the Twilight Concert Series 30th Anniversary? That’s 30 years of awesome headliners and local acts. I’m old enough to still call it “Gallivan” but the series has grown since the Gallivan Plaza days, and now draws over 80,000 attendees per year. Salt Lake City’s Econ Dev team did an awesome blog post on Twilight’s 30th anniversary, the impact on local business, and — Importantly — how you and your company can take advantage of this great cultural asset in our community through sponsorships and reward tickets. You can read the post here. I’ll look forward to seeing you at the Roots ;) 
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