Utah Ranked #7 in U.S. News Best States Rankings

Some states shine in health care. Some soar in education. Some excel in both – or in much more. The Best States ranking of U.S. states draws on thousands of data points to measure how well states are performing for their citizens. In addition to health care and education, the metrics take into account a state’s economy, the opportunity it offers people, its roads, bridges, internet and other infrastructure, its public safety and the integrity and health of state government.

More weight was accorded to some state measures than others, based on a survey of what matters most to people. Health care and education were weighted most heavily. Then came the opportunity states offer their citizens, their crime & corrections and infrastructure. State economies followed closely in weighting, followed by measures of government administration. This explains why Massachusetts, ranking No. 1 in education and No. 2 in health care, occupies the overall No. 1 spot in the Best States rankings. And it explains why New Hampshire, ranking No. 1 in opportunity for its citizens, ranks No. 2 overall in the Best States rankings.

Best States Overall Ranking

Overall State Health Care Education Crime & Corrections Infrastructure Opportunity Economy Government
#1  Massachusetts 2 1 7 19 16 5 16
#2  New Hampshire 4 3 12 13 1 13 30
#3  Minnesota 3 11 17 5 2 12 24
#4  North Dakota 19 16 15 6 7 2 7
#5  Washington 9 7 25 2 17 11 8
#6  Iowa 5 8 16 16 6 30 10
#7  Utah 15 9 30 3 23 4 3
#8  Maryland 14 5 22 14 5 21 18
#9  Colorado 11 18 26 7 31 1 13
#10  Vermont 6 15 1 28 10 33 21


At a time when the federal government is attempting to hand more responsibility for spending and policymaking to the states, these rankings offer the first comprehensive view, state by state, of how some states already are performing best. This highly interactive platform enables users to explore thousands of important benchmarks and easily draw state-to-state comparisons. Build a chart. Share it. And ultimately learn what all the states can learn from one another. The site also delivers a freshly updated menu of reporting and analysis on state trends and developments, making it a must-read source for anyone interested in what’s happening nationally.

The data driving these rankings were drawn from extensive and reliable governmental and private sources as well as proprietary data including a national survey of what matters most to citizens around the country. Among the seven main categories measured in the Best States rankings, more than five dozen subcategories of metrics are taken into account.

What follows is a deep dive into all 50 states. Let the Data Explorer lead your way.


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