Fox File #7 "Point of the Mountain Commission Update"

The Fox Files is a weekly message from EDCUtah President & CEO Theresa Foxley.
I serve on the Point of the Mountain Commission, which was created by the 2016 Legislature to formulate a vision for the area known as the Point of the Mountain. Through a multi-phase process, the Commission is attempting to craft a shared vision for the Point of the Mountain, develop scenarios to implement that vision, and identify how we might fund the infrastructure needs and “big ideas” the process generates. 
The Commission selected Envision Utah as a consultant to facilitate the process. My hat goes off to their world class team for the effort and output of Phase 1 of the report. That report was recently delivered to the Commission and largely confirmed what many of us suspected. In short, the Phase 1 report found that:
  1. Transportation will be one of the largest challenges in getting this once in a lifetime opportunity “right.” 
  2. Utahns want to see jobs and opportunities elevated through the Point of the Mountain, but we do not want to (nor should we) sacrifice our quality of life. 
  3. “Placemaking” is of utmost importance.
  4. Attracting large employers to the area will facilitate small firm growth. 
I love it when good data confirms a gut feeling! 
Phase 2 of the process is starting now. To facilitate scenario development, Commission and community members are tasked with forming small sub-committees to drill into specific areas. I am looking forward to co-chairing a sub-committee on economic development and housing with Val Hale of the Governor's Office of Economic Development. Planning how our employers, housing, and transportation systems all work together is a huge undertaking but it is an opportunity to position Utah as an innovation mecca for generations. We will continue to advance the Point of the Mountain Development process in a way that shows fidelity to the prosperity goals of the Commission through engaging with experts and stakeholders. We expect to wrap up our Phase 2 process by the end of 2017. 
For more information on the Point of the Mountain Phase 1 report, I encourage you to browse
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