Event Summary: So. California Aerospace Campaign

EDCUtah recently returned from a Global Strategy and Outreach (GSO) campaign in Southern California which focused on the Aerospace and Defense Industry. Colby Cooley, Business Development Manager at EDCUtah, and Sara Meess with Ogden City (who also was representing Composites and Aerospace of Northern Utah), took part in 11 recruitment meetings in the L.A. and San Diego areas with companies considering Utah for an expansion or relocation (three of which were already working with EDCUtah). This is the third time an investor from Utah’s public sector has joined EDCUtah on a corporate recruiting mission. Including EDCUtah’s public partners in these campaigns continues to add value as the message of Utah’s economic success and welcoming business climate is taken on the road.

The eight new aerospace companies considering Utah have expertise in a range of areas, including machining and tooling, software, Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) technology, and circuit boards. Each of the eight showed significant interest in doing business in Utah. EDCUtah will proactively work with each company to ensure they have the information and connections needed to make the move to Utah when ready. Cooley and Meess also connected with three existing projects in the outdoor products and recreation industry while in California.

“It’s really about getting our name out there and educating the decision makers we meet with about Utah; what’s going on in the state and how their business could benefit from a potential relocation or expansion to Utah,” says Cooley.

In addition to recruitment purposes, the Global Strategy and Outreach program takes the opportunity on these campaigns to study the business ecosystems in other states, allowing EDCUtah to contrast that to identify strengths and weaknesses in Utah’s business ecosystem. While preparation for these visits is labor intensive for the GSO team, the pipeline growth, knowledge gained, and general exposure in important markets is well worth it. The Southern California Campaign is one example of efforts to bring more quality jobs and capital investment to the state. EDCUtah, through its GSO program, will continue to work with its investors--both public and private--to identify and attract investment to Utah. 

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EDCUtah Wed, 04/05/2017 - 13:15