Utah Ties for Second-Best in Nation for Online Privacy in Study

New York-based security and privacy advice and comparison website, Comparitech.com, has released the results of its study that gives each US state a privacy rating based on 14 key criteria. The criteria the study ranged from laws that govern how companies can use and disclose customer data to those that protect journalists, children, and employees.

Comparitech.com found that Delaware is the most private state due to laws that require the government to dispose of customer data after a set period of time, protect the privacy of e-reader and library data, and protect employee privacy that helped the state to stand out. California, Utah, and Arkansas were the second most private states.

Wyoming, South Dakota, and Alaska ranked as some of the worst states for online privacy, while New Hampshire and Vermont received honorable mentions for good privacy.

“US citizens, nor citizens of any country, should expect their government to protect their privacy from all threats,” said Paul Bischoff, privacy advocate for Comparitech.com in a blog. “It’s up to all of us as individuals to be proactive in guarding our privacy. No state is perfect, but at least all levels of the US government allow citizens to fortify their online security at will.”

Utah, along with California and Arkansas, scored 71.4 out of 100. Delaware scored 85.7. Of Utah, the study said, ” Utah is just one of two states in the entire country that bars internet service providers from sharing customer data with third parties without consent. Utah requires all non-financial businesses to tell customers the types of personal information the business shares with or sells to a third party for the purpose of direct marketing or compensation. The state also requires companies to dispose of customer data after a set period of time. A 2013 law prohibits employers from asking employees and applicants from divulging their passwords or usernames for social media accounts.”

To view the full table of criteria comparison, please visit: https://www.comparitech.com/blog/vpn-privacy/which-us-states-best-protect-online-privacy/

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