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Available healthcare services in Utah are well above that of other states in terms of affordable costs and quality. Vizient Inc. ranked University of Utah Health Care the nation's #1 academic medical center in quality, safety, and accountability. Utah’s flagship university establishes a level of excellence that carries into all aspects of the life sciences industry through healthcare, R&D partnerships, startups, tech transfer, training workforce, and other opportunities.

Utah’s health care system also benefits from a strong financial history and a forward-looking approach to the use of data. Utah’s own Intermountain Healthcare was originally a LDS church-owned hospital that was donated and converted to a non-profit. Because the hospital did not go through a sale, it had no debt under its new owners and thus had a strong financial foundation, setting up a more cost effective environment for patients.

Not only does Utah have the best and most affordable healthcare service in the country, Utah also has some of the healthiest people. Gallup-Healthways recently surveyed America’s state of well-being and reported that Utah has the #1 lowest incidence of diabetes in the nation as well as the 9th lowest percent of obesity. Several factors contribute to Utah’s excellent population health, including:

  • Lowest median age in the nation at 30.7 years
  • Well-educated, at 7th in the nation for percent of high school graduates and 17th in the nation for percent with at least a bachelor’s degree
  • Low preventable hospitalizations
  • Low percent of children living in poverty
  • High use of home care and hospice

There are many reasons that Utah has the best quality care at the lowest cost, but whatever the reason, Utah’s young, healthy population is ideal for any business looking for a quality workforce.


Graphic courtesy of U of U Health [LINK UOFUHEALTH.ORG/TRANSPARENCY]

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