News: March 2017

Cache Valley - Utah's Other Innovation Hub

Cache Valley is no longer just farm county, it has become a business innovation hub. We recently took a trip up north to meet with some of the innovative companies that call Cache Valley home. (3 min. read)

EDCUtah to Leverage Buxton’s SCOUT Platform

In an effort to be more data driven, EDCUtah has partnered with Buxton for the use of top-of-the-line data and analytics aimed to help Utah communities be more effective with their economic development efforts.  (2 min. read)

How Utah Keeps the American Dream Alive

Read about what Utah is doing to keep the American dream of moving from poverty to wealth alive. (10 min. read)

Salt Lake City Ranked #1 Among Cities Poised to Become Tomorrow's Tech Meccas

Forbes recently ranked Salt Lake City (and the Wasatch Front) as the best city poised to become tomorrow's tech mecca. (2 min. read)

Two Utah Cities Voted Best in America for "Successful Aging"

Milken Institute recently ranked  America's best large and small cities and Utah is at the top once again. (1 min. read)

Brad Baird, EDCUtah's 'Loaned Executive,' to Retire

When Brad Baird joined EDCUtah in 2004, he was the seventh loaned executive from Questar Corporation to put on an economic development hat. (2 min. read)

Why Silicon Valley techies flee to Utah

Silicon Slopes is often an attractive relocation spot for techies because of Utah's low cost of living, family-friendly and clean environment, and gorgeous mountain views. (2 min. read)

Utah Ties for Second-Best in Nation for Online Privacy in Study

Learn what laws and protections in place make Utah the 2nd best for online privacy. (1 min. read)

Research Weekly – Healthcare in Utah

Available healthcare services in Utah are well above that of other states in terms of affordable costs and quality. (1 min. read)

Introducing EDCUtah 3.0, the Next Generation of Economic Development

As EDCUtah prepares to celebrate its 30th anniversary, its leaders are rolling out what they fondly call "EDCUtah 3.0," the next generation of economic development. (3 min. read)


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