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Research Weekly - Utah is #1 Again!

Each year Business Facilities magazine, an economic development and site selection website, publishes a report that ranks states and metro areas across a number of categories. 

Expert Opinion - Dr. Ross T. Whitaker, Computer Science

What does the educational environment supporting workforce development within Utah's IT industry look like? To answer that question EDCUtah sat down for a conversation with Dr. Ross T. Whitaker, director of the University of Utah School of Computing. 

Research Weekly - The Cost of the Olympic Games

Last week, Zions Bank reported the findings of an Oxford University study outlining spending trends at recent Olympic Games. The study indicated all Olympic Games over the past 30 years have cost at least $1 billion, an expense that may be financed by a combination of taxpayer money, government funding, and private contribution

Research Weekly - How Much Does Utah Spend on Education?

On the surface, it may appear that Utah does not place great enough emphasis on education. Utah is often cited as spending the least amount per-pupil for K-12 public education in the nation at $6,555. New York, comparatively, spends the most per-pupil at $19,818.

Utah Cities Ranked #1 and #2 for Fastest Job Growth in the Nation

With an economy that some believe is marching towards full employment, annual job growth nationally is slowing down. But some cities in the south and west of the country — where labor markets are coming from a lower base — are currently in the throes of strong headline job growth. 

The Cities With the Lowest Unemployment Rates in America

If you want to find the U.S. cities with the lowest rates of unemployment, you'll have to leave the coasts and head to what are sometimes called the flyover states.

Unicorns Along the Wasatch: Utah's Flourishing Startup and Enterprise Scene

REPOST: Great article from back in May, a great reminder of Utah's flouishing startup scene

Three Utah Cities in the Top 20 Metro Areas to Start a Business in America

The accolades for Utah just keep on coming! After recently being named the top state for business by CNBC, three Utah metro areas have landed in the "Top 20 Metro Areas to Start a Business in America," another CNBC Ranking

Research Weekly - Wage Growth, Utah vs. The Nation

US wage growth has yet to return to pre-recession levels, but after almost five years of fairly flat growth, in 2015 and 2016 we’ve begun to see more positive increases.

My View: Talent Builds Championships and Our Economy

Talent builds championships. Just ask Kyle Whittingham and Kalani Sitake. As football season begins, we’ll watch players — recruited for raw potential and their ability to make key plays — take the field. Practice and execution will matter.


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