Event Summary- NBAA Tradeshow

During the first week of November, EDCUtah attended the NBAA tradeshow in Orlando, Florida. With about 27,000 attendees, more than 1,100 exhibitors, and over 120 aircraft on display, the tradeshow was a success on all accounts. EDCUtah partnered with both public and private companies to create a solid representation of Utah during the event. Provo City attended with EDCUtah representing Duncan Aviation, which will be building an MRO facility (manufacturing, repair and overhaul) in Provo creating about 700 jobs in Utah. Cedar City also attended with SyberJet, who is creating a business aircraft for production and sale. ACT and GOED also partnered with EDCUtah for the tradeshow. “If it’s just EDCUtah at a booth, there’s only one reason to stop by,” says Mike Flynn, Interim Chief of Staff at EDCUtah, “but we’ve learned that if we partner with other companies there’s five or six reasons for potential projects to stop by.”

NBAA was a fantastic opportunity for EDCUtah to follow up with potential projects and strengthen relationships. “The goal for any event is to create projects leading to investments and jobs,” states Flynn, “The purpose is to generate awareness of the opportunities here in Utah.” The tradeshow was successful for Utah as it helped drive Utah’s position on the side of business aircraft manufacturing, and maintenance. EDCUtah’s presence at these events is an effort to accurately represent what Utah has to offer. For the aviation industry, Utah is an excellent market. Driving awareness and strengthening personal relationships with companies in this industry allows Utah to be fresh on the mind when it comes to conversations of expansion and relocation.

EDCUtah walked away from the tradeshow with a solid lead for a supplier in the Business Aircraft Sector and, in addition, they met with projects that already exist as well as companies they hope will become projects in the future. EDCUtah plans to return to the NBAA tradeshow in 2017 with an even bigger presence. 

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EDCUtah Wed, 11/30/2016 - 11:11