Event Summary - New York City Mission

EDCUtah recently took a trip to New York City to continue the proactive recruiting efforts led by the Global Strategy & Outreach (GS&O) team. In preparation for the trip, the GS&O team began by running metrics on New York companies that would potentially be looking to expand or relocate in the next year. EDCUtah met with 13 companies and left with an overall positive win for Utah. Eleven of the thirteen companies that EDCUtah met with were interested in continuing the conversation, and two of the eleven have resulted in EDCUtah projects. “Companies respond to a personal touch,” says Max Backlund, a Business Development Manager at EDCUtah, “It’s all based on relationships and when we put forth an effort to make a personalized visit to their business, they know we’re serious.” These visits also provide more value to Utah in the long term because it creates conversation between companies EDCUtah met with and the network that they’re a part of. These potential conversations increase opportunity for future projects in Utah.

Part of a new approach taken by EDCUtah and the GS&O team for this campaign involved bringing a public partner along for the first time. Jason Mathis, who has served as the executive director of Salt Lake’s Downtown Alliance since 2008, attended these strategic meetings with EDCUtah. Mathis’s perspective strengthened the Team Utah pitch and provided color from a regional-specific viewpoint.

The positive response received from these companies verified EDCUtah’s processes and research metrics. Another encouraging outcome from the trip was that at least one executive from each company had enjoyed a positive tourism experience in Utah. This confirms what we’ve recently learned from an interview with Vicki Varela, Managing Director of Tourism, Film and Global Branding at the Governor’s Office of Economic Development. “Utah’s investment in tourism clearly has a halo effect on corporate recruitment,” says Stephanie Frohman, Director of Global Strategy and Outreach at EDCUtah, “We’re seeing evidence in the field that people who visit Utah for recreation are much more likely to want to do business here as well.”

EDCUtah will move forward with next steps for the new projects created from the New York mission. This new strategy was successful on many levels, and EDCUtah looks forward to future prospects that will come as a result. 

EDCUtah Tue, 11/22/2016 - 15:09