Industry Spotlight - Manufacturing Programs in Utah

The Industrial Revolution changed the way that people made a living in the United States. Manufacturing jobs built the American middle class and created the world’s most innovative economy. Though the United States has experienced a recent decline in these jobs, there is a positive trajectory for the future of domestic manufacturing. The White House Press recently released a statement on the investment in manufacturing to create higher-paying jobs and to strengthen the middle class. The fact sheet discusses the decline of manufacturing jobs during the decade of the 2000s and highlights the increase of manufacturing jobs since 2010. There have been 900,000 jobs created since February of 2010 alone.

The announcement of the twelve new designated Manufacturing Communities resulted in another win for Utah. The release states that “these communities forged strong economic development plans and deep partnerships between the public and private sectors, positioning themselves for strong economic growth in the years ahead.” The Utah Advanced Materials and Manufacturing Initiative (UAMMI) in the Wasatch Front region of Utah, led by the University of Utah was listed among these twelve communities.

Utah has grown into one of the most dynamic advanced materials centers in the nation, and serves all markets from aerospace to recreation. The program created by UAMMI has a goal to bring together public, private, community, industry and education partners in Utah to produce a thriving manufacturing industry in the state. UAMMI hopes to create a global awareness of the manufactural capabilities here in Utah and to create opportunities for Utahns by generating high-end jobs and supportive educational programs.

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