EDCUtah Launches Redesigned SURESites Property Listing Website

EDCUtah is proud to announce the launch of its new and improved Utah SURE (Select Utah Real Estate) Sites platform. After years of work, the updated version improves on limitations from previous versions and utilizes the latest technologies to their greatest capacity. 

When EDCUtah partnered with GOED in 2005, one key deliverable of the contract was the creation of an internet real estate database where prospective project companies could find site specific location data. EDCUtah began by benchmarking other states’ programs to determine the best way to create this database. Collaborating with an external company, EDCUtah launched on a GIS platform and Utah SURE Sites became a reality.

Recently, Nicholas Dall, Manager of Global Strategy and Outreach, used modern technology to make Utah SURE Sites faster, more responsive and less expensive to maintain. He created a Google maps platform, moving SURE Sites from a licensed source to an open source.

Although this served as a temporary fix, EDCUtah found that they were now limited with this open source technology as it had no capability for reporting or searching. EDCUtah turned to their website developer, Arthur Turlak with Lunarcharc, to help resolve some of the new issues that the real estate database faced. Through the combined efforts of EDCUtah and Lunarcharc, Utah SURE Sites was molded into the most recent, more robust version.

EDCUtah is now happy to announce the 3.0 version of Utah SURE Sites. “This new version is beneficial for a few reasons,” says Dall, “First, its improved search functionality, second its mobile optimization, and third, its capability of creating saved reports on the platform.” Mobile optimization is significant because half of the Utah SURE Sites traffic comes from mobile devices. “Utah SURE Sites’ new and improved version will be instrumental in winning future projects here in Utah, mainly because it gives companies considering Utah much better visibility to our real estate partners,” Dall states.

EDCUtah is excited about the changes to Utah SURE Sites and invites you to check out the new www.utahsuresites.com



EDCUtah Mon, 11/14/2016 - 15:59