Event Summary - Utah Global Forum

EDCUtah recently attended the Utah Global Forum and witnessed a variety of successes for Utah. Awards for International Person of the Year and a Lifetime Achievement were announced during the forum. These rewards indicate the industriousness of the people in Utah and attendees from outside the state were impressed by the opportunity here. Also announced was the movement to make an Inland Port in Utah. This will bring organic job growth to Utah in addition to aiding the economy. EDCUtah is happy to announce that they will participate in the exploratory committee working to create this Inland Port.

EDCUtah had a booth at the forum as it was a great opportunity to network with individuals and companies in Utah who are working internationally. The forum also benefited EDCUtah as they move toward international recruiting missions. EDCUtah made great connections during the event, and is excited for the new prospects that an Inland Port will bring.

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EDCUtah Wed, 11/09/2016 - 10:28