Event Summary - San Francisco Peak Event

EDCUtah recently attended an event in San Francisco hosted by Peak Ventures, a Utah-based venture capital firm. EDCUtah walked away with a better understanding of the role VC Firms play in the expansion and relocation of businesses. In addition, EDCUtah learned that we are on the right trajectory in promoting expansion and opportunities here. “It’s an ‘open secret’ that Utah is the place to prospect new investments,” says Stephanie Frohman, Director of Global Strategy & Outreach for EDCUtah. Many in California are aware of Utah’s tech community and growing market for expanding businesses. 

The Peak event was a great opportunity for EDCUtah to build relationships for future projects. “Expansions are still very relationship-driven,” Frohman states. Gaining the trust of potential investors is one way to bring successful business to Utah, and EDCUtah plans to invest more time in building relationships with VC firms. Additionally, Peak’s own network of Utah evangelists will continue to drive the message that Utah is open for business. Overall, the event aided Utah’s image and opened another avenue to gain future prospects here in the state. 

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EDCUtah Tue, 10/25/2016 - 13:15