Event Summary - CAMX Tradeshow

On September 28th EDCUtah participated in the largest CAMX Tradeshow event to date. Located in Anaheim, California with over 10,000 in attendance, CAMX is the largest Advanced Materials Tradeshow in the United States. Campaigning from a 20’ x 20’ booth, EDCUtah was able to see success for Utah once again. “EDCUtah’s involvement at the CAMX Tradeshow serves multiple purposes: we are able to support our partners and Utah companies that are attending the show, remain up-to-date on goings on within the industry, and finally to represent the State of Utah in new investment and recruitment efforts.” says Colby Cooley, a Business Development Manager at EDCUtah.

Partners from Utah that participated in the Utah booth include: ACT Aerospace, Davis Applied Technology College (DATC), CANU (Composites and Aerospace of Northern Utah), Salt Lake Community College, GOED and UAMMI (Utah Advanced Materials & Manufacturing Initiative). The DATC was recognized during the event for their work in the industry as they recently formed an alliance with Composites One to help promote successful careers in the composites industry. This alliance will provide people with the skills necessary such as preparing prepeg, working with thermoplastics, out-of-autoclave processing and additive manufacturing.

“Utah has a great reputation in this industry,” states Jeff Edwards, President and CEO of EDCUtah, “Most were already aware of Utah.” As Utah has been a pioneer in this industry since the 1950s, CAMX was an excellent opportunity to promote Utah as the destination for the advanced materials industry. In fact, Utah was rewarded during the tradeshow as a worldwide expert.

Although Utah is well known in this industry, in order to make the event a success there are extensive behind-the-scenes efforts performed by both EDCUTAH and others. “It’s a matter of finding interested companies and coordinating with them,” says Stacey Phillips, Manager of Marketing & Events at EDCUtah, “It takes about 4-5 months to arrange the whole event.” Because of these efforts Utah has a consistent stable presence at the show.

“CAMX is the place to go for the Advanced Materials Industry,” says Edwards, “Everyone is there.” Utah’s goal for events like CAMX is to approach companies and propose Utah as an expansion location. EDCUtah walked away with four leads from the tradeshow, and one of those leads is turning into a project. “It’s a great way to showcase Utah and our partners,” Phillips offers. Utah truly is part of the industry and as EDCUtah has attended the event for years, the relationships formed continue to be maintained and strengthened.

CAMX was an incredible opportunity to showcase what Utah is really all about. The awards Utah and other partners received speak to the strength of the state in the industry. As opportunities arise for expansion and growth, Utah will strive to remain at the forefront of the Advanced Materials Industry.

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