Event Summary - UTC Gala

This year’s Utah Technology Council (UTC) Gala held at the Grand America Hotel celebrated UTC’s 25th anniversary and inducted three individuals into the UTC Hall of Fame. Fraser Bullock of Sorenson Capital Management, Carine Clark, CEO of MaritzCX and Peter Genereaux, founder and CEO of Utah Information Technology Association were all awarded. Apple CEO, Tim Cook, was the event’s keynote speaker and spoke to the tech company’s future in addition to acknowledging recent privacy issues surrounding Apple that affect all individuals in possession of a smartphone. “The event was a great celebration of the history of IT in Utah,” says Max Backlund, Business Development Manager at EDCUtah, who attended the event with an international project. “It was great to be able to share the story of how collaborative Utah is, and I think Tim Cook was impressed with what he saw here in Utah.”

One target company who attended the event with EDCUtah had a great experience with “Team Utah.” “The company was able to have personal attention from Governor Gary Herbert, in addition to one-on-one discussions with Val Hale, Mel Lavitt, Dean Luikart, and many other key partners,” says Stephanie Frohman, director of EDCUtah’s GS&O mission. “[This event] measurably moved the needle on convincing them that Utah is a supportive landscape for their tech investment.”

Forward thinkers in the Utah tech industry were highlighted during this event both as speakers and as Hall of Fame inductees, leaving a lasting impression of progress to all who attended. “Utah is making a greater impression on the industry, and we’ll see more people start to respond to what we’re doing here,” says Backlund. Tim Cook left the audience with sound advice from former CEO of Apple, Steve Jobs, indicating that all companies should seek to be “insanely great.” The tech industry in Utah is achieving this mantra and will continue on its current trajectory of progressive expansion. 

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EDCUtah Wed, 10/12/2016 - 14:42