Event Summary - Governor's GS&O Mission in New York

On September 19th and 20th EDCUtah and the Governor’s Office made their way to New York to meet with several companies about investment in Utah. “It’s about the relationship business,” says Michael Flynn the Chief Marketing Officer at EDCUtah, “It’s good for [companies] to know EDCUtah, but it’s even better for them to know GOED and the Governor’s Office as well.”

These meetings resulted in success again. During this trip, we were able to visit with site selectors in the industrial manufacturing sector with a focus in international logistics, as well as in office headquarters with a financial focus. The goal is to stay “top of mind” so that companies and site selectors are aware of what’s going on in Utah. “We know it works,” says Flynn, “We regularly see projects from site selectors we’ve met with later in the year.”

The same goes for companies they met with, as the relationships built with these individual companies are fortified. Years of consistent communication and relationship building are necessary, not just one meeting or one event will guarantee future opportunity.

During this trip EDUtah and the Governor’s Office were able to meet with two large manufacturing companies. One of those companies is already in Utah, and the meeting served as a great opportunity to thank them for their investment and encourage expansion in the future. The second company they met with is from the aerospace industry, and the meeting was the result of several years’ worth of conversation. When EDCUtah attends the upcoming NBAA tradeshow (National Business Aviation Association) in Orlando in November, they will continue the conversation and follow up. “It takes years of building a relationship with frequent consistent touch points such as person-to-person meetings, emails, and the sharing of data and information.” Flynn stated as he emphasized the importance of these relationship strategies, “The more projects we’re involved in, the more we’re going to win.”

The hope is that Governor Gary Herbert will allow us to continue to support his outreach in future trade missions. Meetings like these create opportunities, ones we might not get without being able to involve the Governor's office. “One of the main reasons for success is the fact that the governor is willing and wants to go out and attend these meetings to get it done, which makes EDCUtah’s job much easier,” Flynn points out. Overall, it results in pushing Utah to the forefront of people’s minds once again. 

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EDCUtah Fri, 10/07/2016 - 09:57