PWC Ranks Utah #3 Best State for Aerospace Manufacturing Attractiveness

This is the third consecutive year of this analysis and we continue to refine our methodology to provide the most meaningful comparison of states and countries regarding the manufacturing environment for aerospace companies. Our quantitative framework can help provide industry leaders with information to optimize the supply chain, control costs, and plan for future growth.

The United States maintained its first place ranking for the third year in a row because of the breadth of its aerospace industry, which is seven times greater than the United Kingdom who ranked second in industry size.

Other countries in the top 10 include Canada, United Kingdom, Singapore, Switzerland, Denmark, Hong Kong SAR, China, Netherlands, Ireland, and Finland.

Among state rankings, Arizona jumped to first place with improvements in the state’s industry rank and operating costs, as well as high scores in property and unemployment tax. Florida dropped one rank from last year to take second place, but its Space Coast still remains a hot spot with companies developing facilities in that area. Utah, Georgia, Missouri, Texas, Michigan, and Ohio remained in the top 10, and newcomers included Indiana and Washington.

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PWC Wed, 07/20/2016 - 10:00